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Virginia Art With Heart is enjoying its ongoing affiliation with Greater24. We are TRULY appreciative of the time and effort G24 has put into increasing public awareness of our nonprofit. Being featured on the first-ever episode of G24 TV is truly and honor and a privilege. We believe it has boosted our exposure, for which we are grateful. We have a common link. Bo‍‍‍th Virginia Art With Heart and Greater24 operate of a premise of sharing positivity. This has b‍‍‍een a lifestyle choice for both Lori Dunn and me, since long before she and I ever met each other, and long before there was a G24 Positive World network. I enjoy checking the G24 site every morning to see what good news is happening now, as this helps set a positive tone for my day.

I have a sense that there is much more that we can learn from our roles as Greater24 PEERs. As time goes on, I believe I will become more confident, competent, and effective when advocating for and promoting Virginia Art With Heart, our members, sponsors, partnering nonprofits, and supporters. I also believe that we will be able to better assist others along the way.In return, we can facilitate increased awareness of Greater24 and the importance of being positive through our social media posts and by commenting an “liking” the posts on the G24 pages. We will continue to promote G24 and express our gratitude for G24’s helpfulness and guidance. THANK YOU!

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Susan Vertullo Mack
Board of Directors
Virginia Art With Heart Organization

Rupert George
Executive Director
We Serve The City
A Community Development Program

At We Serve The City (WSTC), we believe that the definition of partnership is two or more organizations coming together with a common or share mission that is higher than each individual purpose. Partnering with G24 this year has not only increased the community influence of WSTC, but also enhan‍‍‍c‍‍‍ed our credibility and integrity as a nonprofit.

Noteworthy, was the opportunity to help provide Toiletry and Personal Hygiene kits for the elderly community in another state. G24 has consistently pursued and provided a platform for positive social change and we look forward to future campaigns. G24 is Positive period.

Angela B. German
Green Run Coll‍‍‍egiate
IBDP HL Langua‍‍‍ge and Literature

Media Liaison
Partners in Education Coordinator
VBCPS Citywide Teacher of the Year

On behalf of Green Run Collegiate staff and students, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time and serving our school. We greatly enjoyed your presentation on “The Secrets to Success” and the dynamic way you presented to our students. They enjoyed participating in the interactive “business pitch” activity and taking the photo with you. The points that you covered in your speech align to our focus on communicating successfully and presenting yourself appropriately to the time and place to achieve your dream. We also love the message of Greater24 and how you are focused on spreading good news and positivity!

Thank y‍‍‍ou for your time with us and in preparing for our presentation. I hope that you will come back to our school and further inspire our students! I look forward to working with your organization in the future.

Lois Boyle
Access Virginia Helping Those With Disabilities

‍‍‍Greater24 Positive News Media Network has helped Access Virginia, a 501(c) nonprofit organization, attain exposure reaching thousands of households through their coverage of our initiative to provide ac‍‍‍cess via assistive technology for the hearing and vision loss community at local performing arts‍‍‍ theater venues. Greater24 took the time to learn about our purpose and mission and made evident their willingness to provide support through outreach news coverage and being a source of consultation to help us further advance our cause.